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Refill and service. Medical and industrial CO2 laser tubes.

Sorry, Chinese made glass laser tubes are not serviced at Parallax.

January 9, 2024

    Parallax Technology offers expert refill, refurbishing and repair of DC-excited, sealed CO2 laser tubes.   This PHOTO is worth a thousand words.

  • We service and re-gas all domestic and most foreign manufactured DC excited ( glass ) CO2 laser tubes.
  • We offer quick turnaround times -- 2 to 3 days for a gas refill.
We also offer,

  • Fast Emergency Service : If you must have your laser tube refilled 'overnight', we can help there too.
  • *** Emergency Refill = 24 Hours Turn Around.
    $500 premium.

We help protect your laser tube investment by offering re-gas services at affordable prices.

II.  Other services :

  • Repair services :
    We repair DC excited sealed CO2 laser tubes, change front mirror (output coupler), change rear mirror (total reflector) and bring your tube to its' original new condition.
  • Fluorinert coolant for most Medical Lasers
    We always keep some Fluorinert in stock for your emergency repair services.
New replacement tubes | Table of Contents

Re-gas and Repair

Re-gas : Price

Refill or re-gas or recharge does not include replacement of the mirrors. Some tubes need mirror replacement or other repair to meet original specifications.

Prices are for mail-in service. Customers send us their laser tube and after service, the tube is shipped back in customers' own box.

    Our own, Parallax made PLX-model laser tubes ( except PLX180 )

gas refill,

Complete service
2 yrs Warranty

    - Dekalaser SmartXide DOT Deka Laser brand Aesthetics, Veterinary and Dental lasers

    - El En group EL En Deka brand Surgical and Dental lasers

    - The new Affirm CO2 LaserSkin Renewal

    - Asclepion, Jena Germany MultiPulse, Multipurpose Laser for Surgical Applications. (only the CO2, not the YAG)

    Refill :

  • Inspect and clean front mirror, open tube and attach new fill tube, refill and realign laser tube for maximum power and best mode.

    Preowned units :

  • Pre owned and newly refilled DEKA tubes on consignment are often available for sale.

We open tube up to room pressure, add a refill nipple, pump out the old and fill with fresh laser mix then seal the tube and align it to factory specifications. All done within 3-4 days upon arrival here.

also available

    - Sharplan 20C, Sharplan 30C, Sharplan 1020 and 1025 and 1030

    Also 3 day refill and delivery on pre owned Sharplan 20C and 30C tubes in stock.

    - Sharplan Lumenis model Derma K

    - Surgilase medical laser tubes other than 150XJ
    (for polarized model 150XJ series see below)

    Refill :

  • Inspect and clean front mirror, refill and realign laser tube for maximum power and best mode.

    Complete service :

  • Complete Service: Replace rear total reflector, replace front output mirror, Helium leak test, refill to factory specs then align for highest power and best mode.

We can make these older tubes perform as-good-as-day-One and it is always many times less expensive than buying a new tube.

Pre owned tubes available for fast delivery. Inquire

    - Sharplan 40C

    In many cases a 40C older than 3 years requires complete service to achieve factory specs. That means new front and rear mirrors in addition to gas refill.

    Refill :

  • Inspect and clean front mirror, Helium leak test, re gas and realign laser tube for maximum available power and best beam quality. Warranty 6 months on output power.

    Complete service:

  • Replace optics, leak test, refill and align to factory specs.

  • Preowned and serviced and ready-to-go Sharplan 40C tubes available.
Refill with
1 year
warranty on power


Complete service
with 1 Year
warranty on power

    All co2 lasers from

    - SSI, Laser Engineering, all UltraMD models
    - PLC Medical,  former LEI , UltraMD surgical co2 laser
    models; J/M 35, M-40, J/L 60, M-55, JM40, CL30 and all MD and UltraMD series
    Laserscope Illumina, al models

    Inspect and clean front mirror, Helium leak test, re gas and realign laser tube for maximum power and best beam quality.

    **** Please read below. Very very important ****

    SSI / PLC / LEI laser tubes have a Copper 'fill tube' that is pinched off each time the laser tube is refilled. After you have refilled these tubes twice, this fill tube becomes too short and a complete new 'fill tube / mirror mount' must be put on the laser tube by the glass shop. See example.
    If your tube needs this operation, additional costs will incur.

Refill with
2 years
warranty on power


Complete service
with 3 years
warranty on power

    Sharplan 1041, Sharplan 1055 and Sharplan 1081 laser tubes

    and three (3) electrode laser tubes from

    Laserscope and Lasersonic
    model Paragon 50 and Paragon 70
    Pre owned Laserscope Paragon tubes are also available. Inquire .


    former Surgilase polarized* laser tubes (150XJ system). Inquire

    Inspect and clean front mirror, re gas and realign laser tube for maximum power and best beam quality.

    *Replacement of internal Polarizing window may be required at additional cost.
2 years


Complete service
3 years warranty

    Other services at time of Re gas.

    All we do is manufacture and service glass CO2 laser tubes. If your present glass laser tube has a broken water nipple or if it has a crack somewhere on it's outer jacket or a broken cathode pin, don't throw it away. Let us give you a quote.

    3-to-4 days turn around on most re-gas services, FOB Boston.

    24 hour 'emergency' service available at additional cost.

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