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We manufacture and service DC CO2 laser tubes

Electronic Liquids for cooling your laser tube

DC CO2 laser tubes like PLX medical, Deka surgical, Deka dental, Lumenis Ultrapulse, Sharplan Silk Touch and others use Electronic Liquid as coolant.
The coolants offered in this page are provided as a service to our CO2 laser customers.

This page is current as of : September 1, 2021

When the Electronic Liquid coolant in your laser system evaporates you will need a little to 'top off' your reservoir. You also lose some coolant when you service your laser.

You may ask Parallax to send you coolant in small amounts from 65 - 125 - 250 - 500 and 1000 cc bottles. You can choose typical quantities needed for your laser tube and or the high voltage power supply.

-- We maintain a reasonable quantity on hand for your immediate needs.

Please contact us with the following information

your Customer number or
your laser tube serial number or
your original PO#
and the needed amount to be shipped.

Coolant shipping is Final
Not Returnable after it leaves our premises.

    Notes to laser technicians:

  • Don't let this fluid drip. It is expensive!
  • Do not use the cheap 're-claimed' Electronic Liquid available on the Internet in your laser tube. Why ? Because new coolant is extremely innert but if the used stuff has lost its properties in its previous life, your tube may get damaged.
  • There exists cheap Electronic Liquid on the Internet. We do not know what it is but if you use other than manufacturer recommended fluid in your system you may pay for the consequences.

We ship UPS Ground, FOB Parallax, Prepaid and Add to your invoice. You may also ask us to ship faster or use your own UPS account number.

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