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Last updated Jan. 03, 2023

List of optics & optical instruments for sale

Parallax Technology manufactures, sells and services DC CO2 lasers. Some items on this page are new and some are our 'used/surplus' stuff. Please consider them accordingly.

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Miscellaneous Microscope parts. Buy the table top !
Stemi Stereo Microscope + video / visual view. Without stand
(can buy stand from Edmund Scientific)
Also many other pieces as seen here Micrometer parts Photo
1 ,0 $400

Miscellaneous optics. Buy the table top !
Contains the following plus a lot more
Lenses, positive meniscus
diameters 41, 20, 30, 30 mm
focal length 41, 20, 30, 30 mm respectively

Glan Prism, qty 3
Rhomb Prism, 55x30x25 (A-B-C)
Dove Prism, B=76, D=25, A=C=15
plus many other smaller prisms (right angle,Dispersion, etc.)

BK7 window 70 mm dia x 5 mm thk

Concave front surface mirrors;
50 mm dia x 250 mm Focal Length
  also 50 mm x 100 mm FL
  also 50 mm x 75 mm FL
  also 100 mm dia x 75 mm FL
  also 75 mm dia x 500 mm FL
  also 50 mm dia x 400 mm FL

Qty six, 0.5 inch dia. x 0.02 thk Sapphire windows

Many Color Filters, notch filters and Neutral Density (ND) Filters
(some filters have oxidized surface)

Laser mirrors, Windows, miscellaneous lenses and optics

All together about 40 little boxes with 1/2 of them more than 1 piece in them !

All $400

Long-Travel High-Resolution Fowler Micrometers Photo
Large Micrometer Head Double Figures, 0-1" Range,
0.0001" Graduation, Plain Thimble. Bought for $340 each.
2 $98 ea
Gratings Photo
Ruled Gratings, glass, not for intra cavity use
60 x 60 mm, 148 grooves per mm, 5 Micron Blaze
60 x 60 mm, 50 grooves per mm, 10 Micron Blaze
50 x 50 mm, 147.5 grooves per mm, 4.0 Micron Blaze
50 x 50 mm, 1775 grooves per mm, visible use.
All 4 $225
Glass Color Filters from Corning Glass Photo
2" x 2" color filters, assortment of 43 pieces
comes with complete transmission curves book
set of 43 $600

Van Keuren Monochromatic Light model C2. Priced to sell. Van Keuren Monochromatic Light Photo
Perfect working condition.
New model C2 sells for $755.
1 $160

CO2 Laser Spectrum Analyzer
Optical Engineering Model 16A
Provides an easy way to see your CO2 laser emission lines in P and R branch.
CO2 Laser Spectrum Analyzer Photo

1 $500

Scope Camera, HP oscilloscope camera model 197A
with HP model 10376A camera adapter and
Polaroid Land Camera Scope camera Photo

1 $200

Large holographic gratings, sub master, 20 cm diameter (actually 203 mm), on 30 mm thick glass substrate, flat
One at 2400 lines per mm, 15.5 cm diameter ruled area
One at 1200 lines per mm, 19.5 cm diameter ruled area
Used for Holography 20 cm round GratingPhoto

each $1,500 / sold

Large Photo multiplier tube, 5 inch diameter, RCA type 4522, head-on , Spectral response 35ET , 14 stage, 3000V complete with housing and mu shield PMTPhoto

1 $300
Photo multiplier tube, EMI type 49558B, 2 inch diameter head-on type, complete with housing (Quanta Corporation model 6005) 1 $200
Photomultiplier power supply,
Pacific Photometric Instruments, Model 203
19 inch rack mount, negative 0-to-2000 VDC @ 5 mA with fine/coarse voltage adjustment and analog display
1 $500
Photo multiplier power supply,

- Model 205B-05R, 19 inch rack mount, digital display, internal / remote control (top of the line model, excellent condition)

1 $750

Optical Flats, complete set of Four
optical flats Photo
One 3 inch diameter by 0.625 thk, Felt Polished to 1V, 1C or Lambda/20
Two 2 inch x 0.625 thk, FP to 1C, 2C
One 2 inch x 0.625 thk, FP to 3V, 3V (small chip in the corner)
Manufacturer: The Van Keuren Co.

(the accuracy of an optically flat surface is recorded in micro inch.
Example:1V = 0.000001 inch
(Mitutoyo sells this set for $1,200, Edmund Scientific sells Optica Flats for ~$260 each !)

Set of 4 $500

Optical Flat, 1.00 inch Fused Quartz, felt polished. 25 mm optical flat Photo
Edmund Scientific. 2 micro inch accuracy.
1 $80
Indium Antimonide detector with Liquid Nitrogen cooled dewar 1 $750

Tantalum wire, 0.003" diameter
25 feet $74
Atomergic Chemetals,
TITANIUM DIOXIDE TiO2 single crystal boule
3/4 inch dia x 2 inch long Photo
1 $150
TUNGSTEN (W) single crystal (110) orientation, 1/4 x 2 inch long 1 $150
Scanner; General Scanning model G100-PDPhoto
0.25 inch sq x 0.040 inch thk (6 mm sq x 1 mm thk) square mirror.
No Driver or manual, just as you see it.


MOLYBDENUM (Mo) single crystal, (100) orientation, 1/2 dia x 1 inch long 1 $150

Germanium mirror, 50 mm diameter, 5 mm thk Photo
R1=65%, R2=AR for 10.6 um, perfect condition.
1 $200
Jarrell Ash Czerny-Turner 3/4 m Monochromator, auto scan 500-50 A/min & manual scan 1 $1500

Silicon mirrors, 50 mm diameter, 5 mm thk Photo
R1 Max R at 10.6 um, R2=UC.
3 $98 ea
Monochromator, Jarrell Ash model 82-410, 1/4 m Ebert, Dual Grating (one 2360 grooves per mm, 240 nm blaze and one 590 groove per mm, ?? blaze), manual scan.
Includes Mercury calibration lamp and power supplyPhoto

LASERMETRICS, POCKEL CELL, complete package; Series 1401 KD*P crystal, mounted on Lasermeterics MGC145 Gimbal mount + Model 5016 Power Supply / Timing Logic + High Voltage Switching Module 5016 + mounted Glan-Air polarizer. 1$1500

Hamamatsu R1193U-02 biplanar vacuum phototube. Photo
What is this?
This is an ultra fast uv photon detector (like a UV Enhanced Photomultiplier without the dynode chain)
Spectral Response Range 1850 to 6500 Angstrom
Photocathode Diameter 20 mm
Rise Time 0.27 ns
Fall Time 0.10 ns
Max. Input Light Energy Density [W/mm2] 0.125
Max. Average Cathode Current 50 A
Max. Operating Temperature 75 C
Photocathode Area 314 mm2
Photocathode Material Sb-Cs
Peak Cathode Current 1:00 A
Peak Wavelength 340 nm
Anode Form Mesh
Maximum Anode Supply Voltage 2.5 kv
Typ. Luminous Sensitivity 50 A/lm
Maximum Dark Current 50 nA
- -
Find a lot more about R1193U specifications at Hamamatsu's page.
1 $300
TEA CO2 laser head for research purposes. 4" dia x 36" long glass pipe with internal Brewster windows, 16" long modified Rogowski profile electrodes + preionizer rods. FREE to educational institutions. 1 $1000
Multi atmosphere TEA CO2 laser head. Machined from Aluminum for 10 atmosphere operation at 1 ppm. FREE to educational institutions. 1 $1300

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