Warranty on the life of disposable sealed co2 laser tubes
Warranty on made-in-China tubes is passed on to you by the 'importer' of the tube.
You must check his Terms and Conditions before you buy.

Is there any power warranty? Is it for 90 days or 6 months or ?

Since warranty is usually provided by the manufacturer, the tube has to go back to China to the manufacturer. You are responsible for Round trip transport costs To and From the manufacturer in China.

Therefore upon failure, it is cheaper to discard the tube and purchase another one.

Although it may appear less expensive to go through many imported tubes than to buy one made-in-the USA tube, the one made-in-the USA tube works longer than many imported tubes.

It is said that someone asked a British Lord why he drives a Rolls Royce. He answered "I am not rich enough to buy a cheap car" and that is why the proverb says: "you get what you pay for" !

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