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***** A word about Low Cost Imported co2 Laser Tubes *****

Our friends from China have told us this page is mis-representing their product.
But facts are facts and we stand behind these facts.
The photo you see at the bottom, is the actual photo(1) of the laser we purchased
with good intentions.
It died after 9 hours of operation and we have kept it as a souvenir.
Fact: Made-in-China tubes are inexpensive.
Sealed CO2 laser tubes that are made in China are low cost, almost 1/2 to 1/4 of US or Italian or Israeli made tubes. How come ?

Fact: Some have very short life.
From our own experience and from the emails we receive requesting refill.

Fact: They are Not Refillable.
Before you commit, send an email and ask the manufacturer about refill. These tubes work for a certain number of hours and they go low power. One may go through many of them during the same life time as a more expensive tube.

Fact: Sellers sometimes advertise 10,000 hours power Warranty.
Is it 10,000 hours of working (a day is 8 hrs, a week is 40 hrs and a year is 2000 hrs. So 10,000 hour power warranty means 5 years power warranty ?

Yes, No, Maybe ?

Or is it 10,000 hours from shipment day ? Are the hours ticking when I am sleep ?

Find Out because if you need warranty service, you have to pay UPS $570 for round trip transport (box 40 x 10 x 10 inch). Always ask the seller "who pays for the transportation and what does 10,000 hours mean ?".

However, if the tube dies quickly it is OK.
They are cheap enough that you can throw them away and buy another.

As such (inexpensive, short life, not refillable) they are "disposable" co2 laser tubes. Just like light bulbs.

We do not offer gas refill or
optics replacement for made in China CO2 laser tubes

You can call them "low cost disposable sealed co2 laser tubes".

They are your best solution if you need a CO2 laser tube for a short time


To produce this photo, we put a bright light behind a semi transparent cloth and put the laser tube in front. Each end is photographed separately and then attached together