A range of Options and Accessories are available for all OEM models.

Closed cycle chilled water recirculator

FL-300 Flow switch interlock. To stop operation of laser if coolant stops flowing.
Strongly recommended as it protects your laser tube from damage.
US $150
FT-101 Foot switch. To operate the laser beam by pressing Foot switch and keeping hand free to hold parts. US $110
P70-RE remotely controlable AC power ON and OFF relay (P70W only). Will allow your computer to Turn ON/ OFF the AC power to the system. US $110
LHA Lens holder attachment. Will allow direct attachment of lenses to the output apperture of the laser. (Lens not included. Order Lens separately below). US $155
LTxxx, Lens plus lens holder tube. 1 inch diameter ZnSe lens mounted in a lens holder tube, to be attached to LHA. Choose focal lens as xxx :
    200 = 2 inch focal length
    300 = 3 inch focal length
    500 = 5 inch focal length
    750 = 7.5 inch focal length
    1000 = 10 inch focal length
All lenses are made in USA, ZnSe, Plano Convex, 1.00 diameer, AR coated on both sides.
Example : LT500 is a 1 inch diameter, 5 inch focal length ZnSe lens mounted in a lens holder tube, ready to be attached to a LHA.
US $245
HPN40 High pressure nozzle. Attaches to the front of lens tube (LTxxx) to blow assist gas onto working surface. US $175