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As most of you know, safe shipment of long and fragile laser tubes is a challenge. Many of you do your best to package the tube as safe as possible with the AVAILABLE packing material on hand.

Unfortunately, many a times, that is not good enough and the laser tube arrives here damaged. These photos are taken on arrival here and show the depth of the problem.

View bad packing.

To alleviate this problem, we are now offering for Rental, our own laser boxes, to all Biotechs who need to send in tubes for service and to our own customers who have discarded their original Parallax box.

Boxes come in 2 lengths, 49 inches long and 73 inches long (15 x 15 cross section) and they have a very good record for travel with FedEx / UPS ground service.

Most short medical co2 laser tubes like Sharplan and DEKA Smartxide DOT fit in the shorter box and all long laser tubes like Paragon and Surgilase tubes and all industrial tubes fit in the long box.


  • No exception. Boxes only ship postage prepaid. WE CHARGE YOUR CARD $500 FOR THE BOX BUT THEN WE SUBTRACT $250 FROM YOUR INVOICE WHEN YOU SEND YOUR LASER TUBE FOR REFILL and refund your card another $250 when you return the empty box. This is so that we don't keep on sending our laser boxes to people who just need a padded box to ship something fragile.
  • Please note; we require that you pay for the box and for box shipment to your location with a credit card or through PAYPAL.
  • If you have done business with Parallax before, you may use your own shipping account number.
  • These boxes are tools of our trade and we need them back.

    And while we are on the subject of BOXES, we have other Long Telescopic Boxes in our surplus-goods-for-sale pages. Check them out.

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