Parallax Technology Inc.

We manufacture, sell, service and refill industrial and medical co2 laser tubes. FC's are used in many of these lasers.

The following Fluorinerts are listed in the order of increasing Boiling Points and the chart below lists, side by side, their various other properties :

FC-87** Obsoleted by 3M, see below for replacement.
FC-84 ** Obsoleted by 3M, see below for replacement.
FC-77 ** Obsoleted by 3M, see below for replacement.

Chart of the properties of various 3M Fluorinerts.

List of 3Mô Engineered Fluids.

We do NOT provide comparisson pricing. Please contact 3M.

We do NOT provide Application suitability advice. Please contact 3M.

However if you have one of our lasers or we service your lasers, please inquire via e-mail .

The obsoleted FC-77 is replaced by 3M with FC-770 :

Properties of FC-770, replacement for FC-77 and FC-84.

Note to Biomeds servicing Lumenis Sharplan and Deka SmartXide medical lases: FC-770 is the replacement for FC-77 and the 2 are completely compatible and miscible ( able to be mixed).

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