Parallax Technology, Inc.

We also design and manufacture dc excited sealed co2 gain cells for scientific and research applications. View two active gain cells and other gas cells.

The following design parameters are 'open' to customer specification:

  • Discharge bore diameter
  • Outside diameter
  • Overall length
  • Tube windows:
    • two Brewster windows
    • two A/R coated windows
    • one Brewster window and one A/R window
    • One mirror and one window !
Since gain cells are normally part of a larger system (unless otherwise specified) they will be shipped as 'OEM' tubes and it is the responsibility of the user to provide housing.

Gain cells are often 'interacavity' elements and, depending on your specified parameters, a sealed co2 gain cell may or may not 'lase' by itself.

Customers may also request 'isotopic CO2' gas fill such as:

    Carbon 13, Oxygen 16  --  13C16O2or
    Carbon 12, Oxygen 18  --  12C18O2
Due to the high cost of isotopic gases, we do not stock them.

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