Parallax Technology, Inc.


    We used to ship with Federal Express. The final year that we were with them (FY99) we spent over $10,750 in shipping charges using FedEx.

    Please read the attached (scanned) letter to see what they told us the very first time we filed a claim for an INSURED shipment that was delivered damaged.

If it arrives damaged, you are out of 
luck with 

    Yes, we did $10,758.80 worth of business with them.  Now, what do you think FedEx will do for you when you ship your single laser tube to us with FedEx ?


  July 2004


    Fast Forward to July 2004. This is what happens when customer does not listen to our advice
    and ships FedEx !!

Customer does not listen and ships 
with FedEx
    Let us translate this letter into PLAIN English.

    Dear Customer,
    When we took this package from you, the box was looking good

    When we delivered this package, the box was looking good

    Therefore, now that they opened it and the content is broken,

    either you broke it before you put it in the box or,

    they broke it when they took it out of the box,

    because we know for sure that our workers never damage anything.

    Did you say you PAID and INSURED your shipment against Loss & Damage. That is ok, becasue FedEx will give back your insurance money!

    Sincerely, etc. etc.

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