Ask yourself why NOT ?!

If you are NOT given PRICES right on their Home Page, ask yourself


It is just as easy to write down prices in these pages as it is to write down anything else. Do they want to have a high power sales person sell you something ?

You have gone to Their Home Page WHY should you now 'Call for prices' ? Or "Fill in this Form" ?

No prices ! Just hit the 'Back' button and get out of their web site fast!

Some good examples from the laser industry ;

"... we have the lowest prices.. CALL for details."

"...our lasers are known to last 40,000 hours".

'..... "known to last" ...'. Question is ... known to Whom ?!!!!

30,000 hours are 20 working years. Why is the warranty for ONE YEAR ???

it gets better ;

"...We Guarantee Satisfaction.." (meaning what ?? Some companies guarantee dissatisfaction !!)

"...our lasers are expected to last 20,000 hours." !!

What does it mean 'expected to last'? Is that the same as Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) as defined by the Electronic Industry? NO, NO.

"...No one offers better quality, lower cost,...., we guarantee it.". You certainly must trust their word !

"...We have the longest warranty in the industry.." How long is that "LONGEST WARRANTY"? small print: one year !!!

Tell them:

"We don't want to "CALL" for prices." "We don't want to "SEND" for complete details. We do not have the time to fill your FORM to get a price. Just write down the price in front of the model number and forget about fishing for my e-mail address! ". Tell them,

"If you have nothing to hide then put it all down in the web site"

  • "If the laser is 'known to last 30,000 hours', warranty it for half as long".

  • "If you have the 'best prices', then write it down here."

    If you don't see prices on their home page, click 'Back' and take your business somewhere else.

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